AAI partners with world leading IP providers in order to offer our customers integration of complete solutions into their custom devices with silicon validated IPs and fast time-to-market.

Elliptic Semiconductor Inc.
 - Security You Can Trust 

Elliptic is dedicated exclusively to the security IP market. To serve this need well, Elliptic has expertise in semiconductor IP through its veteran SoC development team, and Ellipsys software IP that includes core interface software and stack development.
Elliptic also invests heavily in standards activities including the IEEE, the IETF and industry forums as required to be sure our cores and software are fully compliant to the latest security standard in each of the markets Elliptic serves.

Many of Elliptic's competitors derive their IP from SoC designs making the design rigid and difficult to integrate. Elliptic designs its IP from the ground up making it fully adaptable to customers' needs. As the team knows SoC design, customers often leverage this expertise to help architect their designs to reach an optimum trade-off in performance, cost and power dissipation that is required to be successful in their target markets.

Elliptic customers know that software is a vital element for their successful roll-out of a complete reference design. As such, Elliptic has invested in a veteran software team which is available to assist customers in integrating Elliptic semiconductor cores into the target operating systems or even writing software protocol stacks such as the DTCP rights management middleware recently offered for general release.

Customers often find it useful to try before they buy - especially for the more complex cores. Elliptic can offer an evaluation load of its cores on its evaluation card in many cases. Please contact us for more information on this topic This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Aurora VLSI
Unleashing The Power Of Internet

In September 2007 AAI partnered with Aurora VLSI. Combining the IP knowledge and logic design capabilities of Aurora and AAI's expertise in Deep Sub-Micron design and implementation of SoC projects will enable our customers to shorten development time and minimize risks while facing the device complexity, cost and performance challenges of today's markets.
Aurora VLSI was founded in 1998 to develop and market silicon IP cores, subsystems, and SoC platforms. Its portfolio includes close to 100 IP cores that provide communications, systems, peripherals, and processing functions for SoCs. Additionally, Aurora provides services to customize, integrate, and assist customers in any other way in their ASIC/SoC development.
Aurora is a member of the ARM Connected Community, a Design and Reuse Partner, a Chip Estimate Partner, SPARC International member, and Open VERA Catalyst Program member. Aurora is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA.
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