Leveraging the skills and experience in SoC technologies, logic design and IP integration, AAS provides FPGA services for:

  • Concept validation using FPGA
  • ASIC prototyping (verification of ASIC/SoC design)
  • Emulation of ASIC/SoC based system design
  • FPGA conversion services (FPGA->FPGA, re-partitioning of FPGA, FPGA->ASIC, etc.)


AAS is using Xilinx technology and devices for the implementation of FPGA based solutions. Xilinx is the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions.
Xilinx supplies "off-the-shelf" logic devices and IP's that customers can program to implement logic functions in various applications and market segments.
AAS is equipped with complete Synopsys CAD tools environment for the logic design and with Xilinx development tools to fit the design to a specific Xilinx device.
For conversion services (FPGA to ASIC, ASIC to ASIC), replacement of end of life of Atmel, LSI, NXP and other end of life ASIC solutions please click here.

Design Flow

AAS design methodologies and expertise in ASIC and FPGA solutions enable us to achieve optimized designs in minimum iterations while meeting aggressive timing requirements and strict power budgets. The design methodology includes the following major steps: