ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from mobile, home and enterprise solutions to embedded and emerging applications. ARM's comprehensive product offering includes 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors, data engines, graphics processors, digital libraries, embedded memories, peripherals, software and development tools, as well as analog functions and high-speed connectivity products. Combined with the company's broad Partner community, ARM provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies. AAS is ARM Approved Design Center.   
Aurora VLSI
Aurora VLSI is an established digital silicon IP provider with a product line of close to 100 IP cores, subsystems, and SoC platforms. These include communications IP cores such as Ethernet, USB, PCI, and IEEE 1394; memory controller IP cores such as SDRAM, SRAM, flash, and Compact Flash controllers; SoC bus systems such as AMBA AHB and APB bus components; systems functions such as DMA, interrupt controllers, timers, counters, SPI, PWMs, GPIOS, and reset controllers; and floating point arithmetic coprocessors. Additionally, Aurora provides expert engineering services for IP core customization, integration, and development on demand by customers.  Also see pageDesign Partners.
With fifteen years of experience and hundreds of successful customers, CAST knows how to deliver IP that Works. Complete, high-quality IP Cores and System IP products are fully verified, certified where appropriate, and ready for implementation in custom or structured ASICs or in FPGAs. The family of 100 different popular and standards-based IP Cores includes 8-, 16-, and 32-bit processors, bus interfaces and networking IP, multimedia image and video compression, encryption, serial communication, memory controllers, and more. System IP products range from pre-integrated 8051/USB and MAC subsystems through complete hardware/software platforms for popular 32-bit processor-based systems. All CAST products ship with complete deliverables: documentation, synthesis scripts, test benches, and example designs. The CAST world-wide team embodies a customer-oriented, 24/7 culture, and provides quick, effective support whenever you need it from the people who actually developed the cores.
Chipidea Microelectronica
Chipidea Microelectronica S.A. is the world's leading provider of analog/mixed-signal silicon intellectual property, according to market researcher Gartner Dataquest Inc. The company is a key supplier to system-on-chip designers targeting fast-growing market segments in wireless communications, digital media and consumer electronics. With the industry's comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven technology across a variety of product lines, Chipidea offers the widest breadth of intellectual property solutions for the world's multi-function integrated circuit industry. Chipidea works hand-in-hand with its customers to ensure that its unique analog/mixed-signal expertise results in silicon success. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Chipidea employs 250 people in research, development and sales and marketing offices across Europe, Asia and North America. 
Dolphin Integration
Dolphin Integration  is a developer and marketer of virtual components of Intellectual Property partaking in the design of Integrated Circuits and Systems-on-Chip with MEMS micromechanical structures.
The range of products includes:
  • A handful of microprocessors in synthesizable logic VHDL or Verilog around the Flip8051,
  • The SESAME library of standard cells with generators of embedded RAMs and ROMs, patented for high density and low power-consumption, with the unique advantage to enable Back-Tracking Free Placement and Routing,
  • As well as Virtual Components for high resolution for Voice and Audio applications such as Portable Multimedia Players, and Sensors for high resolution measurements.

Their secret weapon is based on multi-level simulator SMASH All-in-One. 
The company has been active since 1985 and has received the ISO-9001: 2000 certification.

Elliptic Semiconductor Inc.
Recently ranked as the fastest growing provider of semiconductor IP by Gartner, Elliptic provides semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores and middleware for secure communications ranging from low power to multi-gigabit per second implementations. Elliptic SIP cores enable system-on-chip designers to efficiently balance power, performance and silicon area in complex security-based systems. Demanding customers in markets such as implantable devices, wireless, storage, content distribution and high performance communications trust Elliptic IP cores. The company was founded in 2001 and now has customers in the United States, Israel, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe and Canada.
MIPS Technologies 
MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIPS) is a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer, networking, personal entertainment, communications and business applications. The company drives the broadest architectural alliance that delivers 32- and 64-bit embedded RISC solutions to the embedded market, and in combination with its licensees, offers the widest range of robust, scalable processors in standard, custom, semi-custom and application-specific products worldwide. MIPS Technologies licenses its intellectual property (IP) to today's leading semiconductor companies, ASIC developers and system OEMs. Today, MIPS-Based designs are integrated in millions of products around the world, including broadband devices from Linksys, digital cameras from Canon, DTVs and entertainment systems from Sony, DVD Recordable devices from Pioneer, digital set-top boxes from Motorola, network routers from Cisco and laser printers from HewlettPackard. Founded in 1998, MIPS Technologies is based in Mountain View, California, with offices worldwideAAS is MIPS Approved Design Center.

Founded in 1996, Virage Logic Corporation (NASDAQ:VIRL) rapidly established itself as a technology and market leader in providing advanced embedded memory intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex integrated circuits. Today, as the semiconductor industry's trusted IP partner, the company is a global leader in IP platforms comprising embedded memories, logic, and I/Os, and is pioneering the development of a new class of IP called Silicon Aware IP(TM). Silicon Aware IP tightly integrates Physical IP (memory, logic and I/Os) with the embedded test, diagnostic, and repair capabilities of Infrastructure IP to help ensure manufacturability and optimized yield at the advanced process nodes. Virage Logic's highly differentiated product portfolio provides higher performance, lower power, higher density and optimal yield to foundries, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless customers who develop products for the consumer, communications and networking, hand-held and portable, and computer and graphics markets. The company uses its FirstPass- Silicon(TM) Characterization Lab for certain products to help ensure high quality, reliable IP across a wide range of foundries and process technologies. The company also prides itself on providing superior customer support and was named the 2006 Customer Service Leader of the Year in the Semiconductor IP Market by Frost & Sullivan. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Virage Logic has R&D, sales and support offices worldwide.