Tier One Semiconductor Company Testimonials

During the last 3 years, our group has developed its first SoC using TSMC 16FFC, targeting challenging industrial and automotive markets.

AAI was selected to be our design partner for bringing RTL to GDSII.

AAI has good reputation in Israel as leading design house with great expertise in advanced process nodes, familiarity with all Silicon lifecycles, stable CAD flows and skillful engineering team and the reputation to deliver.

Our SoC came back and its ramp time and results, both functional and in production tester were very good so far, which supports our design house selection.

AAI shall be a leading candidate as design house for any future project in our roadmap.

Haran Elik

Director HW development ICG

Celeno Testimonials

We (ex-Celeno) did 3 projects with AAI in below technologies:

  • 40nm
  • 14nm
  • 28nm

All 3 projects are for wireless communication chips.

Project size vary from few millions’ gates to few 10’s of millions gates

In all 3 projects meeting timing was a challenge and required using overdrive and LVT/SLVT cells

For all 3 projects AAI performed RTL2GDS including

  • DFT (MBIST, BSCAN, SCAN) including
    • MBIST and BSCAN controller implementation  
    • MBIST+repair using OTP
    • Test controller
    • SCAN insertion including coverage improvement
    • MBIST, BSCAN and ATPG vector creation
    • MBIST, BSCAN and ATPG vector debug on tester
  • Physical design including
    • Digital and analog-IP integration
    • IO design
    • ESD design    
    • Floorplan including PAD/Bump and power grid insertion
    • Synthesis
    • P&R including routing of special signals, ECO-cells and DECAP insertion  
    • Formal verification (equivalent check)
    • Timing closure including signal integrity (meeting signoff recommendation)
    • Power, IR-drop and Elector-migration analysis and optimization (meeting signoff recommendation)
    • DFM & Physical verification (meeting signoff recommendation)
    • ESD verification (meeting signoff recommendation)
  • Package netlist + package reference design according to OSAT design rules

AAI team is highly professional and highly motivated, throughout the projects AAI showed high level of commitment.

Schedule was always met for MPW tapeouts and had some (reasonable) slippage for full-mask tapeouts

All chips came out working 1st time (no mask retrofit was required)


Happy to give more details if required


Amir Freizeit

VP IC-Engineering

Celeno wireless communication


Mobileye Testimonials

"The Mobileye EyeQ System-on-Chip (SoC) offers a solution for computationally intensive, real-time visual recognition and scene interpretation applications that can be customized for use in intelligent vehicle systems. The chip architecture is designed to maximize cost performance by executing a full-fledged application on a single ultra-low-cost chip. An example of such an application is low-cost Adaptive Cruise Control using a single video source. The EyeQ system detects vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, and road markings to provide an intelligent driver-assistance system.
AAI performed for us the RTL to GDSII implementation, as well as RTL development of the 2 ARM CPU and AHB system and IP integration and provided support for testing and package development in 292 HSBGA of an ASIC device with the following specs:
Random gates:  2m Gates
Memories:  2Mbits SRAM with Redundancy, divided in 40 cuts
Major IPs: 2 ARM946 cores with 16KB I-Cache and 16 KB D-Cache, PLL, SDRAM controller, DMA controller, CAN controller, I2C controller and more
Technology:  TSMC 0.18u, 6LM
Performance:  110 Mhz
Package:  292 HSBGA
AAI also supported us with two additional tape-outs; one with several mask changes and the second with full mask changes.
AAI is very professional and familiar with VLSI aspects like front-end design, including the Design For Test (DFT) and the architecture, back-end - including all the physical implementation, after silicon design processes - including testing, packaging and production. They acted as a Mobileye design team for me and worked in complete synchronization with the Mobileye design team."

Elchanan Rushinek
Vice President Engineering

NXP Testimonials

 "For the past 20 years, NXP closely collaborated with AAI on ASIC designs; first as a rep and then as an Authorized Design Center in Israel for VLSI Tech., then for Philips Semiconductors and now NXP. Over the years we have taped-out many designs together - all the way from 1 micron in the early 90's to 90nm LP process SoC designs that integrated ARM11, to analog and many other IPs. All of them worked correctly the first time.
Few of the designs are manufactured in SSMC and TSMC FABs under NXP manufacturing agreements with these FABs. The AAI-NXP relationship is one of close cooperation: AAI identifies and enters contracts with the customers, while, NXP provides the libraries and IPs. AAI provides all the local technical support to the customers; the RTL to GDSII design flow up to tape-out; testing and packaging support and shipment and logistic services through to supply of the devices.
Some of the devices have reached a sales level of several million with accumulated revenues of several million dollars per device. Over the years, AAI has demonstrated superb technical capabilities. Its leading position in the Israeli ASIC market has created many valid opportunities for NXP and has provided excellent customer support, thereby creating a unique selling factor for NXP when approaching Israeli customers."

Oren Bar-On
Marketing & Business Development Manager
NXP Semiconductors, Israel

Samsung Testimonials

AAI created an ASIC design that was instrumental in helping Samsung to launch the first-ever cell phones and personal digital assistants supporting WiBro technology. WiBro provides wireless broadband on the go, offering access at speeds of up to 30 megabits per second. These communications products were introduced at the 2005 APEC summit in Korea. The APEC summit is a premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. It is attended by political and economic leaders from numerous countries.
Samsung's Appreciation Plaque to Avnet ASIC Israel, AAI, Nadav Ben-Ezer and Eugene Lyubinsky

"We deeply appreciate that you overcame all obstacles to success and completed a task of great difficulty with a flash of wit and so eventually contributed to a great successful demonstration in APEC 2005 Korea. We wish your company's eternal development and prosperity, and we also pour our whole heart in this plaque of appreciation. Samsung Electronics".