Assembly & Test

AAS's manufacturing service portfolio includes handling of the assembly and test. We provide a complete solution from package type choice, package design, test program development and transfer to production through delivery of the assembled & tested devices to the customers.

Our key assembly and test vendors are ASE/ISE Group Europe, USA and Taiwan; Unisem UK, China and Malaysia; and Amkor/Unitive USA and Korea. We provide our own test development services and, in addition, we partner with Smartest Germany, E&M Engineering Israel, and ISE California.

A dedicated manufacturing manager monitors all assembly and test vendor activities and provides customers with comprehensive information on product advancement in line. Our manufacturing team monitors the yields of front and end line, as well as final test yield.

We work in collaboration with the vendor to optimize the test program and to keep yields stable and improving. We match final test yield with the wafer sort yield to ensure the best quality and reliability of the product and production lines.