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Aurora VLSI
Aurora VLSI is an established digital silicon IP provider with a product line of close to 100 IP cores, subsystems, and SOC platforms. These include communications IP cores such as Ethernet, USB, PCI, and IEEE 1394; memory controller IP cores such as SDRAM, SRAM, flash, and Compact Flash controllers; SOC bus systems such as AMBA AHB and APB bus components; systems functions such as DMA, interrupt controllers, timers, counters, SPI, PWMs, GPIOS, and reset controllers; and floating point arithmetic coprocessors.  Additionally, Aurora provides expert engineering services for IP core customization, integration, and development on demand by customers. Also see page IP Partners.

Progate Group
Progate Group Corporation was founded in 1991. As the first turnkey service provider of ASIC designs in Taiwan, PGC always exerts its endeavor to provide the focused and quality services to achieve Time-to-Volume. PGC has taped-out successfully more than 800 projects and shipped millions of chips worldwide. In this era of SoC, PGC provides a complete and stable chain of services, including the wafer fabrication, die package and IP integration. As part of this chain of services, PGC has the business relationship with TSMC for more than ten years as a certified member of its Design Center Alliance Program.