Milandr Testimonials

Milandr started our collaboration with Avnet ASIC Israel LTD (AAI) in 2011. 
During this period, we realized 2 projects where AAI was the chip  integrator, doing all backend design. 
Our company’s Design Center developed a power control unit and a RC oscillator block of  IC  in accordance with AAI spec. 
The first project is already silicon proven, and works well. 
Now we are working on next collaborative design, where our companies play same roles.
We have found AAI team to be highly professional, experienced and extremely efficient in their technical abilities.
We consider AAI a highly competent integrator of the complex digital-to-analog VLSI chips and appreciate their ability to accurately formulate the spec for system sub-blocks (including analog ones), promising 100% guaranteed success of the project.

Michael Kakoulin
Head of IC Design Centre
Milandr, Russia

Chip Idea Testimonials

"Chipidea and Avnet ASIC Israel have successfully collaborated on several design projects over the last 5 years.  Through working on extensive mixed-signal integration activities, we have found the AAI's team to be very professional and technically competent.
Avnet ASIC Israel has been an ethical partner, open for challenges and risks associated with each project.

We consider AAI a highly skilled technical partner and appreciate that they work collaboratively when integrating our mixed-signal IP cores into their designs, delivering a well thought out solution to our mutual customers.   When partnering with Avnet ASIC Israel, Chipidea is confident both companies are focused on the ultimate success of our customers."

Sergio Kusevitzky
VP of Business Development

Siano Testimonials

 "I have been working with AAI on numerous projects over the past 5 years; initially  as the COO of Emblaze Semiconductor (which later on was acquired by Zoran) and in the past 2.5 years, as the COO of Siano Mobile Silicon. I can state that AAI has always been extremely professional regarding all the crucial aspects of design and support (including design development, leading a product to production, and production management, including logistics). AAI is customer-oriented, cooperative, and responsive."

Hamutal Raab
Chief Operations Officer

NXP Testimonials

 "For the past 20 years, NXP closely collaborated with AAI on ASIC designs; first as a rep and then as an Authorized Design Center in Israel for VLSI Tech., then for Philips Semiconductors and now NXP. Over the years we have taped-out many designs together - all the way from 1 micron in the early 90's to 90nm LP process SoC designs that integrated ARM11, to analog and many other IPs. All of them worked correctly the first time.
Few of the designs are manufactured in SSMC and TSMC FABs under NXP manufacturing agreements with these FABs. The AAI-NXP relationship is one of close cooperation: AAI identifies and enters contracts with the customers, while, NXP provides the libraries and IPs. AAI provides all the local technical support to the customers; the RTL to GDSII design flow up to tape-out; testing and packaging support and shipment and logistic services through to supply of the devices.
Some of the devices have reached a sales level of several million with accumulated revenues of several million dollars per device. Over the years, AAI has demonstrated superb technical capabilities. Its leading position in the Israeli ASIC market has created many valid opportunities for NXP and has provided excellent customer support, thereby creating a unique selling factor for NXP when approaching Israeli customers."

Oren Bar-On
Marketing & Business Development Manager
NXP Semiconductors, Israel

MIPS Testimonials

"Since 2001, I have worked closely with Avnet ASIC Israel (AAI) and have found the team to be highly professional and extremely competent in their technical abilities. The company thrives on being highly service-oriented and promotes its work by providing customers with true assessments of their capabilities, schedules and expected results. Our business relationship continues to be based on open interaction and mutual respect for helping to promote the MIPS architecture in our growing region.

My interaction with AAI was particularly intensive during the execution of design jobs for a number of MIPS licensees, where I observed nothing short of a first rate job on the implementation of the MIPS CPU cores in the projects. Due to AAI consistently exceeding our expectations and design goals, Avnet ASIC Israel was selected as a MIPS-certified Design House in 2004."

Mauro Diamant
Account Director, Israel